Monday, April 8, 2013

Why Interiors and Design?

So why do I like interiors and design SO much that I am starting a whole damn blog about it? 

Well, I’m a homebody for starters. Some would even describe me as an extroverted introvert and because of that I NEED a place that is my own. In other words, I draw energy and comfort and relaxation from being in my home.

I also find it as a place of function, memories, shelter, socialisation and personality. Put simply I love to create spaces which feel good and make you feel great.  

Image Source: Sophie's Fashion

The conundrum is that I also love to travel and as such, I draw much of my inspiration from worldly design and far away places. This means that my homebody status when in Sydney is very much aided by the memories of my travels and the sights, colours and textures of other worlds.

Looking even further back however, my unrequited love of furniture, interiors and design probably stems from my Dad, a devoted antiques dealer. From the age of 5, I could spout off names of all kinds of furniture, from Chippendales chairs to a Chesterfield chaise. So this interiors caper has been a natural progression.

Team my Dad’s love of furniture with my Mum’s insistence that we experience different cultures and wammo, you have this here blog, thanks for that parents!

While interiors can be a broad topic in and of itself, design fits snugly in there as well. In the last few years I have increasingly become obsessed with innovations from people who are making the home experience streamlined, cohesive and damn good looking!

It is a love/hate relationship with design however, alternating between awe and then jealous due to the fact that I cannot think of something as cool as A Very Slim Table by Nilly Landao… seriously! I’d even be pretty happy if I was the person who thought to use a pasta strainer as a lampshade! 

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