Sunday, September 8, 2013

Lens Life - August

Here I am again, after another month has absolutely rocketed past! It's been a busy one, with trips to Canberra and Melbourne, a hectic assignment schedule and of course, reading way too many articles and speculating on the, now past, federal election. 

I do have a few photos from my two trips away though, so for now, I'll share those and cross my fingers that September will ease off a little and give me time to write some posts. 

We are eating burgers from Brodburger, the best burger of my LIFE!

Whenever my sister is involved in anything, you can be sure that you will not have a second of boredom. She loves to plan as many things as possible in even the shortest of time frames. This meant that when my Mum and I travelled up for the weekend we were in for busy time. 

It was a great girls weekend with trips to see Phantom of the Opera at Canberra Theatre Centre,  a visit to the Turner Exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia and SO much food and wine, I pretty much just rolled all the way back home to Sydney. Oh, and my first trip to Costco... whoa!

The cityscape walking from Richmond to the city.

Again, more beautiful grey skies at Luna Park in St Kilda. 

The next weekend I headed down to Melbourne with my sister and her partner Mel. Again, I had chosen a freezing place to go in the depths of winter... silly! Although, one of the things I love most about Melbourne IS the gorgeous grey skies. We powered through the cold with trips to St Kilda markets, Brunswick, Richmond and Fitzroy. As always we drank and dined and walked A LOT!

Where are your favourite places in Canberra and Melbourne? Do you have a 'must visit' list for either? 

Sarah x

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