Friday, April 19, 2013

Six Tips for Studio Spaces

If you live in an inner city studio apartment, chances are you are facing a constant battle to achieve more space, or at least, the illusion of more space. With years worth of furniture, memories and bits and bobs collected from around the globe, this task is not an easy feat. 
Stephen Nicholls, property editor at, has noted the exponential growth and popularity of apartments, especially studios, as both investments and rentals. In his recent article here, he even acknowledges the reversing roles of apartments over houses.
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With this in mind, there is a need for intuitive thinking and classic design tricks to turn your little spot of heaven into something that resembles… well, a much larger spot of heaven. Below are six tricks to turn your crowded abode into a calming respite. 

1. Let in the light! The curse of a studio can often be the limit of natural light. To step out of the darkness, apply blinds or curtains that have minimal blockage when they are open. 
2. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall. A tried and tested home decor trick to create more space is the addition of mirrors to accentuate and elongate any room. However, many get the scale wrong. The trick is to add in large, simple and expansive mirrors, rather than small and dainty ones that can often achieve the opposite affect. 
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3. Possession Purge! Be honest with yourself and throw out any unnecessary items or space stealing (but largely non-functional) furniture. A good tip is the One Year Test. If you haven’t used the item in over a year, chuck it. Come on, do you really need those lecture notebooks from your SCLG101 class 7 years ago? 
4. Organise and Order.  Find a place for EVERYTHING, and I mean every last safety pin and half empty hair spray bottle. When living in a small place, clutter and confusion results from items not having anywhere to ‘go back’ to. Ikea is renown for its space saving organisational designs. Measure your place up and go and grab some. 
5. Swipe the Surfaces. Have clean and uncluttered surfaces on your desks, sideboards and benches to help create the illusion of more space. Leave knick knacks to a minimum by using one or two bold and eye catching pieces. (Also note: in a studio, dust gathers quickly, less clutter equals easier cleaning, yes please!) 
6. Think Smart, Not Small. Today, just a quick search of ‘space saving furniture’ can reveal some truly innovative and functional designs. If you have limited space, try a sideboard that turns into a table, cushioned storage boxes that allow for extra seating or even get creative with how your bed can be transformed from day to night. Seriously, check out this couch-come- dining table below! 
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Do you have any small studio tips for decorating? What is the best storage system you have managed to find? 

Sarah x

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  1. Love what you have done with the mirrors.

    My cats would destroy the ball fringe on your bedspread very quickly!


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