Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Old London Town

It has been a long while since I wrote on this blog. Life happened of course with the last couple of years being a whirlwind of complete direction changes, lots of learning and in the last week, me permanently relocating to London… (wahhhhhhhtttt the HECK?).

Still feeling a little in shock about that last point.

Print by Loose Petals on Etsy

Yep, after a couple of trips to the big… drizzle(?) and with some friends also having made the move across, this was it. Now was as good a time as ever and maybe the last chance I would have to convince myself that now was the last chance... because there’s nothing like a bit of FOMO.  

No attachments, no commitments and with a little savings in my back pocket I’m now sitting on a couch in a short let in Hackney tapping away on a laptop, writing down how this happened (and putting off going out into the rain to buy an umbrella - probably should have packed one of those).

I’m going to attempt to keep writing on here, mainly as a way to keep track of all the things that occur because lord knows my memory ain’t the best, and perhaps with a few random posts thrown in, who knows what they might entail.

Until then,

Sarah x

(and at this rate ‘then’ could be another 3 years from now, so apologies if this is the case)

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