Monday, April 8, 2013

The Importance of Interiors

Many people think that interior design is a topic that only a select group of people can afford or relate to. This may have something to do with the idea of it being a luxury, especially when you see many of the publicized aspects of the industry.

We all know the way interior design is portrayed in the media. Three hundred dollar cushions, one of a kind pieces flown in from far away places and costly hiring of polished and uppity designers who have endless budgets.

Image Source: Natural Modern Interiors

While these aspects are of course alive and well, there are many more interesting and important factors in interior design affecting a large proportion of the world. Maybe without them even knowing.

From basic utensils or furniture we use in our house, to the ways in which our surroundings affect our moods and productivity. Interiors are an important part of life for people on all areas of the economic spectrum.

The growth in recent years of DIY and a resurgence of socializing in the home has brought interior design into a wide and varied audience as an industry that is available to everyone.

Yet there are aspects of interior design that are more than aesthetics and creating social spaces. The field also plays a role in moods and actions of people. Everyone from sociologists to psychologists’ to childcare workers use tools of interior and design to affect the way people act, interact and feel. 

Most well known for its ability to alter people’s mood is colour therapy in interiors. Studies have tied strong links to colour particularly in ways to relax or energise individuals through use of bright or even subtle room dressings.

The use of space and furnishings in public and commercial interiors and designs can also be a powerful way to impact peoples movement and interactions with others. Creating spaces that control the flow of crowds in particular are put to use in areas like galleries and shopping centers.

With all of these aspects, it is easy to see why interior design has such an impact on our day to day lives. But we can’t also discount the fact that it’s a nice way to make things pretty! 

Check out this infographic on the use of colours and the ways in which they can affect our moods and habits - 

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