Monday, April 8, 2013

Concrete Interiors

Lately I have been a little umm… obsessed. Obsessed with concrete. A very weird obsession. But if you want to get a little more specific, concrete interiors. 

There is something about interior concrete walls and floors that is so appealing to me. Maybe it’s in the ways that such a simple palate and neutrality can create such daring lines, angles and space. 

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Industrial design has been going strong for a few years now, with harsh minimalist features it focuses on what’s not there rather than what is.  However, lately I’ve seen a surge in creating welcoming, rather than cold, minimalist design. 

What can I say, I like it. 

Vibrant colours, foliage and Scandinavian warmth in furniture and accessories are allowing concrete and neutral backdrops to do their thing, without the feeling of living in a factory. 

Design Milk showcased some of these beautiful interiors just the other day also with an emphasis on the warmer side of concrete. 

I’ve also noticed the growth of using comforting textures in rugs and soft furnishings to minimise the hard edges of rooms that use heavy materials. 

However of my biggest loves of the moment and a way to mix in these different textures is mixing neon and concrete, yep… neon! It adds a really playful vibe to mixtures of grey and also allows a fun warmth into any industrial design. To slowly move into neon, try adding one of these two sided screen printed cushions from The Print Society .

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Some of you may be letting out some heavy sigh’s right about now. Yes, you love concrete, yes, you even love neon, and yes, you want to hug them when they’re together but this concrete caper comes with a huge price tag!

Never fear! The look of minimalist design and materials can be achieved on a small scale and a small budget! Hallelujah!

In a non-cluttered and neutral room, preferably of grey’s and white’s, simply accessorise with bold pieces in concrete and add splashes of neon. The key here is to not over clutter and let the pieces speak for themselves. 

Something as simple as a few of these nifty little planter’s from Dachshund in the Desert on Etsy can create the look you’re after. 

Image Source: Dachshund in the Desert on

What's your interiors obsession of the moment? Do you have any tricks or products for decorating with concrete? 

Sarah x

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