Friday, June 14, 2013

Vietnam and Thailand

After months of being back home, I have finally downloaded the photos of my trip to Vietnam and Thailand! It has only taken me about five months. Below are are some of my favourites from the trip:

Despite having been to Thailand before, I am always flawed by the simple beauty of places throughout Asia. The way the people in markets and the men fishing create images worthy of hung photographs just by... being. 

I was lucky enough to travel through Vietnam alone and found such joy every morning just sitting with an iced tea near the water, on chairs that threatened to fold over with one wrong move. The boats would pull in with hundreds of passegers and their bikes. The day would begin with organised commotion and colour. It was bliss being a witness to it all. 

Very soon I will be doing a post about the art and items I picked up from Vietnam, and how I used them to jazz up my apartment, so stay tuned. 

Is there anywhere or any moment in Vietnam that reminds you of these simple little pleasures? I'd love to hear your stories! 

Sarah x

P.S. Sorry about the image quality on some of the photos, I found myself hastily using the camera on my phone in moments I wanted to capture.


  1. I found your blog via your AT comment & love! I spent a few months in Vietnam a few years ago & seeing your photos brought me back to a happy place! One of my favorite memories is of midnight skinny-dipping thru the phosphorescence of Halong Bay.

  2. Hi Kate, thanks for the comment. I'm so glad that you like the blog and that this post in particular reminds you of a great memory! Halong Bay was one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited (even in winter), I can't wait to go back!

    I do hope you'll stop by again!


I love to hear any thoughts or comments you may have! Thanks for stopping by - Sarah x

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