Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Emerald and May

A name change.

I want this blog to mean something to me, I also want to mean something to it. And so the name Emerald and May was the beginning of... something.

May - The Story:

My middle name is May, but that is not the beginning. My Nana was called May by everyone who knew her. Her real name was Mary but she didn't much care for that and so until the day she passed away, even in hospitals and nursing homes, the first order of business was ensuring all things name-like were changed to May.

Nothing else was acceptable, so May it was.

Then one day, on the 2nd of May, a little girl was born. Her parents called her Sarah May, after her strong willed Nana. And she was a May, through and through. Insistent, uncompromising and stubbornly Scottish. Yet she was born in a little town, on a farm, in New South Wales, Australia.

She loved that her middle name was May and that she was born in May.

Emerald - The Story:

This little girl, Sarah May, had green eyes, with yellow in them, but she liked to think they looked the colour of Emerald, especially when it rained.

Now Emerald was the colour of her birthstone and her favourite colour to boot. She would drape herself in Emerald velvet (much like George off Seinfeld) if she wouldn't be looked at quizzically everywhere she went.

Emerald is also 2013's colour (or so says Pantone) and that's the year this little blog came about.

So there is my Emerald and May, all wrapped up. I hope you'll join me on my adventures. Sarah x

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