Thursday, February 16, 2012

What ever happened to that blog you wrote?

So after taking a not so brief hiatus to 'concentrate on my studies’ last semester (admittedly this mainly consisted of watching trashy tv shows), I am back in the blogosphere. Intent on making knowledgeable contributions to the World Wide Web, this will again become a regularly updated space, because let's face it; there aren’t enough cynical or insightful individuals hiding behind their laptop thinking they are witty, clever and just the right amount of artsy... Wait, what, that's what every blog is? Oh, well... here is one more. 

After taking stock and evaluating the experiences and changes that have helped shape who we are and what we know, it seems inevitable that we start the year with a (longggg) list of what we will do differently and hope to achieve by facing up to these realities.
The three things that greatly impacted my 2011:
1.     Started university
2.     Moved house- twice!
3.     Said goodbye as two of my best friends moved overseas

These three experiences were tumultuous and challenging (to say the least), but have provided me with an insight into who I am. Without realising, they have solidified by independent existence and I’m now living alone again, enjoying the controlled chaos within my own head.

In saying this, my reflections have also shone a light on one huge fact: The emotional rollercoaster that these aforementioned challenges provided me with saw me sink in to a big of a rut. I could stay in my pyjamas all day drinking tea, with the biggest motivation to go out being that ghastly moment when I realised I have no more milk or cigarettes.

I’m grateful for the enlightenment that the unavoidable truth has provided me with. I can blame everything on everybody else, but quite simply; things had to change- because I wanted them to.
First step: rediscovering my love of The Blog.

And so began my year of 2012 with grand aspirations and a chaotic schedule of 'things to do', which led me to a somewhat drunken conversation with a friend of mine and the statement, "You know, the more I do, the more I can do, and the less I do, the less I can do." The reply was along the lines of "What the fuck are you talking about?". While I repeated it several times in adamant confirmation and swilled some more whiskey and dry. I knew exactly what I was talking about.

To me the statement was as clear as vodka. The one thing my rut taught me is that allowing yourself to slip in to the habit of not doing enough and not staying busy, can be a downward spiral. This has been further evidenced by watching a drunk flatmate lay on the couch, day in and day out with his hands down his pants, viewing the premier league while the filth built up around him. The scary thing was that I wasn't that far from being him- minus the premier league. Obviously I would have been watching something intellectual, like The Housewives of Beverly Hills.

So this, the year of my "The more I do, the more I can do" is now in full force. A ridiculously full university timetable, work, friends, a new language, family, hopefully some internships and to add to that, this blog, let's hope my drunken self knows what the hell she's talking about.

And if you still have no idea what that statement means, then get me drunk and it will all become clear. Or I will just keep saying it until you stop questioning me. Got it, good.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this post Sarah! expecting to see more :)


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