Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Antony Makhlouf


Have you heard of this man Antony Makhlouf? Well you should have, he has been shamelessly plugging his artworks which are entered in a competition called Art Takes London.

I'm more than ok with this, because, frankly his works are amazing, and damn it, we should be voting for him.

Source: AntonyMakhlouf

Makhlouf is a photographer from Sydney who has lived in Beirut and New York and draws inspiration from these experiences in his depiction of self-identity, race, religion and memory. With an educational history that includes psychology, art theory, photography, studio lighting and digital imaging, he is challenging the world with informed creativity.

To check out his work visit his website: Antony Makhlouf

Remember to vote 5 stars for him in the Art Takes London competition and give a brilliant Sydney artist some support! Vote Here - Antony Makhlouf: Art Takes London

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